布嘉糖精品咖啡工作室-郭志嘉 第7名 508.25分

在台灣,處處有咖啡香,喝咖啡已成為國人的習慣之一,喝咖啡除了提神,也是紓解身心的良劑,然而…精品咖啡的風氣尚未普遍,顧客無法分別與坊間一般咖啡的差異性,於是有了咖啡工作室的萌芽。 我們認為成就一杯好的精品咖啡,每一個生產的環節都必須要求與講究,從田間管理、生豆的挑選、烘焙及沖煮都是相當專業的過程,「布嘉糖精品咖啡工作室」傳承自阿里山群脈被讚譽為「極頂台灣咖啡」的嵩岳咖啡莊園,師承美國精品咖啡品質協會CQI的嚴格受訓與證照的肯定,為了讓更多人愛上咖啡的風味,享受品嘗咖啡的樂趣與喝到對的咖啡。

To make a cup of good specialty coffee, we believe that every step must be taken care of in every particular. From field management, bean selection to roasting and brewing, each step relies greatly on profession. Bujustory Café originates from SongYue Manor Coffee, also known as the highly praised “Premium Taiwan Coffee” in Mount Ali, was certified and well-trained by SCAA and CQI. The purpose is simple–to promote good coffee, make people love and enjoy coffee.